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Outsource Scanning, OCR, Indexing and Proof-reading services to ADS

Ace Data Soft handles scanning with high resolution and flatbed scanners. We can scan breakable papers or where the books can’t be unbound. We have fast scanners to provide high resolution, faster scanning and high volume. We can deliver digital images in any format and at any resolution.

We provide additional services as well like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which helps data entry much faster than manually entered in the database as well as indexing services like scan any documents ocr it and index it as per customer’s requirements, mostly customers require delivery of PDF and TIFF formatted images, normally stored at 300 dpi.

We have the technology to efficiently manage hand held data. Scanning helps you to the long term storage of Papers and save money by outsourcing scanning and Indexing work to Ace Data Soft.

Some of key services are:

  • Image and Photo Scanning
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Proof-reading and editing text
  • Document Indexing
  • Converted scanned images into digital files

We also guarantee you about the security and confidentiality of data. Do contact us for OCR-Scanning , Proof-reading and Image indexing services at info@acedatasoft.com


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